Shredded Duck in a Rainbow Salad

This is a Chinese-influenced salad of fluffy shredded duck pieces, crunchy peppers, onions, carrots and Gem lettuce leaves, covered in Hoi Sin sauce.



1 packet of shredded duck (defrosted) 1 x Cucumber 4 Baby Gem Lettuce 2 x Red pepper 2 x red onion 2 x spring onion 2 x lemon 2 x carrot Salt & Pepper Small bunch coriander Hoi sin sauce to dress (or any preferred dressing)


Prepare the shredded duck by rubbing the meat in between your hands to create fluffier pieces. Add salt and pepper to season. Roughly Chop all the salad and mix together with salt, pepper and juice two lemons. Serve with shredded duck on top and lace salad with Hoi Sin Dressing. ENJOY!


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